Our mission at OASIS is to reach every transgender individual in India with the Good News that God loves, yes, even Hijras (in western cultures known as eunuchs)! Jesus came to break down every wall of partition and demonstrate that God is no respecter of persons. He died for all mankind and seeks to reveal His love to all. It is God’s love that transforms the life and empowers individuals to reflect His Divine grace. This message of grace is found in the Bible, in the book of Isaiah 56:4,5.



To so train and equip Hijras, through our comprehensive, practical training and education program, that these transgender souls will no longer need to return to begging and prostitution to survive. This goal is attainable and practical and can be measured. In addition to helping Hijras in their temporal needs for training and education, our program is also designed to transform the life through the supernatural agency of Divine power.