The Founder President of OASIS International Eunuch Welfare, Inc. Dr. Johnson Choppala, was in Atlanta, USA from April 7-9, 2015 to attend a Proposal writing ‘Boot Camp’ to learn everything about Foundation grant making and the challenges of writing a winning Proposal by meeting their challenging requests for information.

Last year, employing a Grant writing Professional, OASIS mailed out 155 Letters of Inquiry (LOI). All 155 Foundations have different requests from the Grant applicants. Not one of those LOIs provided information those foundations needed. Consequently not one of the Foundations responded. Dr. Choppala learned why it happened. One size does not fit all. Each grant is unique and specific.


During their six years, so far, the Choppalas invested all the donations that they received to purchase four acres of beautiful land in Srungavruksham, in Andhra Pradesh. The estimated value of this land, today, is in excess of 2 crore rupees. We are ready to construct the buildings we need to create a beautiful campus exclusively for Hijras/Transgender people who, for thousands of years, are marginalized, denied of their basic human rights and forced to beg and sell their bodies as sex workers, just to survive. No one has tried to do anything on the scale OASIS is trying to do such as creating a place, exclusively, for them to enable them to regain their rights, their dignity, earn respect and live in dignity by teaching them marketable skills that suit their aptitudes. The Eunuchs who successfully complete this training will be able to seek employment or be self-employed. Nothing restores the sense of self-worth more than the ability to earn your own wages. This goes a long way to restoring self-worth and boosting positive self-image. Begging and Prostitution will be a thing of their past and ACCEPTANCE becomes a reality.We need to raise 3 Crore rupees. You can make it happen.


We need your Compassion, your generosity to make this a reality. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU.


Johnson D. Choppala